Monday, May 11, 2009

Hunger strike in Iceland

A man from Algires ,Mr. Mansri Hichem ,is seeking a political asylum in Iceland .
He has been in Iceland for two years ,and has been denied asylum.
Mr. Mansri Hichem ,has appieled that decision of the department that covers foreigners in Iceland ,to the justice minister.
Mr. Mansri Hichem ,has been on a hunger strike now for 19 days,because of the long time it takes the goverment to make a decision.
He claims that he would be in danger from the goverment and terrorist group in is home country,if he would be denied a political asylum in Iceland..
He says that he has prrof of the danger against him in his home country
Now all asylum seekers at FIT in Njardvik in Iceland ,are going on a hunger strike if Mr. Mansri Hichem ,asylum request does not get a favorible conclusion.
He is under constant doctors supervision.

Here you can see a video on an Icelandic media

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