Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Corruption still on in Iceland

Now they are moving out of Iceland.
One of the bankers,who owned a shipping company and controlled a bank ,has moved to Russia .
He thought that when his legal address was in Russia,that the Icelandic courts could not get the money he owed because of his personal sequrities .
But that was not correct,he went bankrupt yesterday.
Rumors are that more bankers are moving to foreign countries.
Olafur Olafsson,owner of Samskip,and he controlled one of the banks,is said to be in Switserland .
Also Sigurður Einarsson ,Bank manager of Kaupthing Bank.

The former Bank Vikings have not been seen in public in Iceland.
The special prosecutor ,who was to investigate the crisis ,is not doing anything.
He was politically appointed byt the goverment that was in charge when the banking crisis began last october.

People calling in on talk radio stations in Iceland ,are furious.
Tax payers in Iceland must pay for their bad investments during the last few years,and nobody will be held responsable.

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