Thursday, December 17, 2009

SWAT team in Iceland and a gunman in Iceland

Yesterday ,Police in Reykjavik was contacted,and informed that there was a man had been seen with a gun in the neighborhood.
Also that shouts and gun shots had been heard.
Icelands SWAT team was activated,and they closed the roads there,and a surrounded the house where the sound came from.

THe SWAT team got the man out ,and arrested him and a grild in the house.
But there was no gun there.
The person who called the police had made a little mistake.

A Extermninator ,working for Reykjavik City, had been walking there , with a big flash light,looking for a rat.

And the sound ? The people who where arrested ,had been watching DVD movie ,and had the sound very loud.

Here is a clip from the action . and also here if this clip does not work


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  2. by the way , it shows how a trustworthy place of Iceland

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