Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flag burned at a protest in Iceland - and Eva Jolie signing book

Today there was yet another protest in Reykjavik.
People are protesting the Icelsave account,that the govermnet is about to agree to pay,to England and Holland.
And also,why the goverment is not doing anything to help people in money trouble, due to bad foreign currency loans.
People feel , that the govermnet is only helpin companys,and the wealthy people in Iceland.
Those that took part in the Banking fiasco last year,are still in good shape ,financially.
Many have left Iceland,are running companys in foreign countries.
Others are being helped with tax breaks,so that they can still run their companys,even though they took big part in the banking crisis.

And today , Eva Joilie , Norwegian-born French magistrate , who is a special adviser by the Icelandic government to investigate the banking crisis, was a few hundred feet from the protest , in a bookstore,signing here book.
You can see her ,at the end of the line in the bookstore.

A flag was burned at the protest today ,and it was the flag of one of the banks, Landsbanki, the bank that made the Icesave fiasco.
The flag was first walked on ,and when a singer started singing christmass songs ,they burned the flag.

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