Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last day before christmas in Iceland - Video

Christmas starts tomorrow,at 18:00
And it is freezing and windy .
The shortest day is over ,and the sun still rises a little bit over the horizon,and the moon follows after the sun sets early.
The teenage girl is studying music and played for people ,two christmas songs.
And on the last day before christmas ,iit is tradition in Iceland,to eat a fish , that has benn cooked and worked,so that it smell bad and tastes strange.

Many do not allow it to be cooked in houses,that is why you can see that here it is cooked at a garage.

Either you love this or hate it.

Imagine a rotten fish,and mutliply that smell and taste with 97 ,and that is the smell and taste of this strange food.

Tonight is the longest shopping time in Iceland.
Shops are open to the late hours .
And everybody goes downtown,and shop,enjoy the music that is all over Reykjavik.
I went tonight and took a little part in it ,and enjoyed the Three Tenors in Reykjavik ,and also a group that is called - 3 Voices and Beatur -
That is a Acapella group ,and they where walking with the amplifier and singing for people in downtown Reykjavik.
The temperature is minus 5 on the celcius and windy ,but that does not stop us from going to have a festive evening.

I took video the singing and it was great to listen to this great music --
Hope you like it too

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