Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Man of God leaves Iceland --- to Norway

One Priest in the Icelandic National Church, got a job ,as a priest in Norway.
He says,that he wants to give his children a better oppurtunity ,than they can have in Iceland.
Mr: Arnaldur Bardarsson,is a Priest in a Church at Akureyri .
He has resigned his job ,as a man of god, and is going to do his work in Norway.
The banking crash , has made him loose faith in Iceland society.
He feels that the huge anger amoung the public in Iceland , against the Icelandic goverment is ,for letting all this happen .

Maybe Norway needs more of gods help than Iceland - I dont know .


  1. dieu doit préférer les caisses des banques bien remplies! ;)

  2. You Icelanders should really listen to a specialist, that have lived through several staged 'crisis' as you are living through now; Mr. Salbuchi of Argentine.

    If not you are doomed to let the same people making the problems, you will also allowed them to try to solve them - what they will not, just make it worse.

    Look up for the New-World-Order-Elite (the Oddson's Bilderbergs, etc.)

    See all Mr. Salbucjis videos here: