Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still immoral Banking in Iceland

The Unions had postponed the pay increase,that was agreed in the last pay negotiations.
For people at the fish factory HB Grandi,the increase ,that they postponed,was around 13.000 krona.
But the company owners decided ,few days ago,to pay the owners 8% raise on their stocks.
That was around 165 million kronas
the Unions are now angry,and calling it a immoral act,as the situation is in the financial system in Iceland.
Looks like the owners are not following what is happening .

Because of the flow of foreign money out of the country,to tax havens ( Cayman ,Luxemburg, and so on ) ,they probably must raise taxes on companys and the people.
And they say ,that there are only about a few dozen men,that have taken this money .
Still nobody seems to be responsable ,and bank secrecy still in effect,so they cant investigate .

Here are photos from last january

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