Friday, March 27, 2009

Former Prime minister apologizes to his party

This weekend ,the Independence party is having party conference.
1900 party memebrs attend ,and disuss policy and vot for a new party chairman and more.
The former prime minister,mr: Geir Haarde,made the opening speach yesterday .
There he apologized about the mistake in privatizing the national banks in 2001 and for his part in the banking crisis.

When the banks where privatized ,the two partys then in control,where the Independence party and the Progressive party.
And people say,that they sold the banks ,cheap ,to their party members .
So the sale was political.

He did not apologize to the nation, just to his party.
Mr: Geir haarde will not continue to be party chairmen ,and on saturday there will be an election between two about the chairman seat.

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