Monday, March 30, 2009

Protest today in Reykjavik - against military bases -video

Today - The Campaign Against Military Bases – CAMB- ( )held a protest meeting ,against military bases.CAMB was originally set up to oppose the US military bases in Iceland and the NATO membership, but the main mission of CAMB is peace.

Today was 60 years since Iceland joined NATO.The protest was in downtown Reykjavik ,in front of the PArliement building.
After they made their speaches,the crushed a barrel - wich was to symbolize NATO.

In 1949 ,when parliement joined NATO - there was riots in Reykjavik and police used for the first time teargas agaisnt protesters

Here is a video from 1949 and in the middle of the video - you can see the protest in 1949 .
And below that video - is a video from the protest today - at the same location.

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  1. lol, is your country dying, Iceland? LOL