Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pensions also having problems in Iceland

Pension corruption

Now informnation about the Icelandic Pension funds ,show that corruption is widespread there also.
Members in the boards of many Pension funds,have accepted salmon fishing trips,and traveling abroad,payed by companys,the pension funds invested in .
And there is still no investigation or interrigation of the bank managers about the Banking Crisis and where all the money is.

The Independence party accepted 2.00 dollas donation from the country emergency services 112 ( same as 911 in the us )
But it is illeagal to accept donations from public organisations.
They have now repaid the money .

Last weekend ,at the general meeting of the Left Green Movement ,agreed to not to cooperate with the Independence party after the next election in Iceland.

The public is getting more angry in Iceland - and on talk radio stations,many call in ,and use the wourd " treason " about how the bankers and politicians have behaved before and during the Banking crisis.

Here below is a video i took on the 20th of january - 2009 .

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