Sunday, February 15, 2009

Protest number 18 in Reykjavik and chess

Today there was the weekly protest against the goverment and the Central Bank.
Two of the three CEO´s of the Central bank have aggredd to resign.One has already resigned,and the other will quit on the first of june .
But one has refused to resign, a mr: David Oddsson,former prime minister.

The new goverment is trying to pass a law,so that there are new rules governing the central bank

And on the lighter side ,today there was also a winterfestival.
And there was a chess exhibition,and people could take a game of chess.
There where also chess sets ,with strange caracters.
On one of them,there was Adolf Hitler,as king,and Superman as a pawn.

I took avideo of two chess players take a game on a bigger chess set.I took a little video of that.

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