Saturday, February 7, 2009

Germany takes part in Iceland protest - february 7 2009

Here is a video clip of the weekly saturday protest in Iceland.
Still demanding responsabilty by the banking industry and the goverment.
Elections and change of the goverment and CEO at the Icelandic Central Bank.
Today there where a few Germans at the protest in Reykjavik.
THey are trying to talk to Kaupthing Bank ,about their savings,that they had in Kaupthing Bank in Germany.
So the protest in ICeland is going International.
It is very cold in Reykjavik ,just below zero on the celcius scale ,and windy.
One central bank CEO ( there are three CEO at the central bank ) has resigned his post there.
David Oddson ,the head of the central bank and former prime minister,has not yet,answered the letter that Johanna,Icelands prime minister,sent him,asking him to resign.
She wanted an answer by last thursday,but he has not yet answered her letter.
Protests are planned next monday at the Central Bank.

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  1. There was an Irish representative, and probably others as well. This is an international protest!