Wednesday, February 4, 2009

David and Jon Asgeir -- is it personal ?

Today Mr. Jon Asgeir Johannesson,CEO and owner of Baugur Group,claimed ,that by his information from a high ranking Independence party member, that Mr. David Oddson, CEO of the Central Bank, will not quit,before Baugur Group has gone down.
THere have been for many years now,bad feelings between David and Jon Asgeir.
When David was prime minister,he tried to get a law passed ,that made ownership of the media ,not possible,by one individual.
THe president denied to sign that into law.
Then Jon Asgeir and more in Baugur Group,where charge for breking tax laws,and many years later they where mostly aqquitted.
And now - Jon Asgeir ,claims that David is making the goverment owned banks, call in their loans to Baugur Group.
He also says ,according to his information,that David will not quit at the central bank ,as the goverment wants,before Baugur group , quits first.

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  1. sounds like a real Icelandic saga to me:-) Hope the boys don't burn the house down while they fight over who is gonna be the alpha dog.