Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Protest in Reykjavik february 10 2009

Still protests at the Icelandic Central Bank this morning.
Peaceful in the cold morning. ( minus 6 on the celcius )
Bubbi Morthens , Icelandic Rock Icon,came with his grou , EGO , and played a few songs ,and also told the staff at the central bank,to be kind to David Oddsson ,Central Bank CEO ,be kind to him ,but throw him out !
Lots of noise was made,potts and pans ,horns and more.


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  2. The Central Bank chiefs know they're gone, so the only possible reason I can think of, why they refuse to quit, is to cover up documents which would prove criminal behaviour.

    Perhaps the government should help, by "accidentally" cutting power to the central bank HQ, which would make them unable to do so.