Saturday, March 3, 2012

Should Iceland exhange the krona for the Canadian Dollar ?--- video

Canadas Foreign office says that Canadas Ambassador in Iceland ,mr. Alan Bones can not attend a Progressive Party convention in Reykjavik,to discuss changing the Icelandic Krona out for Canadian Dollar.
And he can not discuss in any way about that ,ie. changing the krona of r the Canadian Dollar.
Alan Bones was in a interview with Icelandic media,and that made the Canadian Foreing office stop him from attending the convention.
In the interview,according to mr. Bones with the Canadian Central Bank,that the Canadian central bank ws interested in Ieclands interest in taking up the Canadian dollar,and was ready for formal talks with the Icelandic goverment.
It looks like that the Icelandic goverment is against discussing anything else but the Euro and the EU.

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