Thursday, March 29, 2012

News from Iceland , bankers charged and fuel at a high price - video

Now the parliament in Iceland is talking about weather to put the new constitution to a referendum ,at the same time as the Presidentila election in later part of June .
The new constitution gives more power to the people,and of coursse,many members of parliament do not like that .
Bankers are being charged in the Icelandic courts,and people are waiting for the verdict of the former primmme minister,mr. Geir Haarde.
Gas price is at an all time high,and people are angry,and driving less.
When the Truck drivers protest agaisnt the high gas price in april 2008 - then the liter of fuel was at around 150 kronas. Now the fuel liter is over 267 kronas.
You can see here the truck drivers protest in april 2008 ----

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