Monday, March 5, 2012

Geir Haarde ,former PM of Iceland questioned by the National court today . video

Today was the Icelands National Court first meeting ,when the court starts its proceidings against the Former Prime Minister,mr. Geir H. Haarde.
Mr. Haarde pleaded not guilty on all charges. He has been indicted because of the banking crash and crisis in 2008.
This is the first time in Icelands history that a ministers is being made responsable about his work as minister.
Mr. Haarde was questioned all day.
And tomorrow their will be more vitnesses questioned,and there are about 40 -50 on the vitness list.
All former ministers and Bankers.
The trial is online on Twitter ,and you can use to translate  -!/ruvfrettir
Tomorrow , after noon, mr. David Oddson,former CEO of the central bank ,will be questioned.

On the video below ,that i took on november 24th,2008 - you can see Mr. Haarde ,and how he was velcomed to a citizen meeting -----

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