Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mayor to be,Jón Gnarr , modeling clothes in Reykjavik - Iceland

The Best Party that won the local election in Reykjavik last weekend.
They are now negotiating with the social democrats, so they can have majority in the city Council.
The best party got 6 seats of 15 that are in the city council.
The Best Party promised to make Reykajvik the best and most entertaining city in the world.

But tonight  in Reykjavik the leader of the best party took part in a fashion show in front of the parliement building.

Mr. Jon Gnarr , the leader of the best party , is a actor ,and a comedian.
He has been popular in local tv show and movie.

He is here on the video modeling clothes , for support of the Salvacion Army.

He is the red head guy ,, without the hat.

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