Sunday, June 27, 2010

Corruption in good shape in Iceland - video

After the Supreme court decision on the Foreign currency loans being illeagal, the goverment is now trying to find ways to add interests rates to those loans.
The political parties here in ICeland , are not celebrating that the public is now in a better place financially.
Buisness minister mr. Gylfi Magnusson, says that , interests rates must go up on the loans, so that the banks dont loose any money.
But a citizen meeting last september 2009 , he sayd that the Goverment should follow the Supreme court ruling whatever the ruling might be.
Here you can see a video from the citizen meeting on the 18th of september 2009.
It would be could if you understand the Icelandic language.

Corruption is still going strong in Iceland.
Politicians have accepted big money, to the election funds, and many will not tell who has given them money.
It does not matter what political party you talk about, they are all corrupted,some more than the other.
Maybe in the next parliment election ,there should be a party , that is likt the Best Party , that won the last local elections in Reykjavik.
If all the 63 members of parliement are are corrupt, then maybe a new party should be formed, and with individuals, that have no skeletons in their closet.

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  1. Hi,
    I thought this video would interest you! I left a comment in your sidebar some time ago, but cannot remember when it was.
    It concerns the banks and mentions Iceland.
    I have other videos on my site, concerning the beginning of economic collapse is the USA, people living in tents!
    I have followed your site for some time,I love Island and spent a wonderful 2 week holiday in your country. I wish I had been there for the volcanic eruption! We drove all around.
    Anyway, you have a really good site!
    Red Squirrel