Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great time to be in Iceland - video and guesthouse

Now there is the season of summer in Iceland , and the is a great season.
And foreign toursits are flocking to Iceland , to enjoy the fun of being in ICeland in summer time.
It is now daylight around the clock,and people enjoy walking in daylight at nightime.
There are many places to visit ,and there are guesthouses and hotels everywhere.
Here below is a video of the sunset ,at midnight in Reykjavik.
Also a video of Asbyrgi , where Odins eight legged horse,Sleipnir,put one of his legs down on earth,and formed Asbyrgi.
Here is a link to a great guesthouse at Reykholt.  Great place to be at,and beutiful scenery all around.

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