Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Protesters take a house in Reykjavik -- video and photos

Yesterday ,a group of Housetakers or anarkists,took over a house that had been empty for a few years in Downtown Reykjavik.

They wanted to make it social home for people in Reykjavik and the kids wanted to have a FREE shop there ( everything free,and a library and more.

The owner heard about it --( he was in a foreing country ) and he called the police and asked them to take them out of the house,

And early this morning ,the police came in full riot gear and took them out of the house ,after a few hours fight.

Nobody got injured in the fighting.

Click on the photos - and you will see them in real size



  2. Not to make light of the situation, but how can there be a fight that lasts for hours without anyone getting injured?

    You have to love the level of education in Iceland. Educated people think they've involved in a death struggle when they're actually just yelling at each other.

    I hope Iceland recovers. It's a very cool country.

    If the US gets hit as hard I'm afraid there wouldn't be any long fights with no casualties. This country is sitting on a time bomb. Millions of its angriest, dumbest, most uneducated population owns automatic weapons.