Sunday, April 19, 2009

Poverty increases and elections next weekend in Iceland

The number of people seeking assistance from the Church in Iceland,has trippled since the same time last year.
Young people are more now asking for help.
Sometimes ,people cant afford medical service and cant buy the drugs that they need.
People are asking for food and things they need to live.

And next weekend there is the parliement elections here in Iceland.
There have been discussion about bribes to certain political parties,and in parliement last

week,on member ,used the word - Bribes,when discussing the money donations to the Independence party.

The investigations about that crash and them that took part in that,is still going slow.
Few years ago ,the Oil companys,where convicted ,that they working togethere to controll the oil prices, ,and nobody went to jail.
The comapanys where fined,but they guys,the CEO.s of the companys that did the crime ,are

still walking free.
And how did the Oil companys pay the fine ?
They raised the oil prices.

Probably the same thing will happen ,regarding the corruption around the banking crash.
Those that are investigating,are part of the political system,so it is difficult for them to be neautral in investigating .
If you steal from the shop a few dollars,you go to jail -- if you steal from the nation billion dollars -- you dont go to jail.

Here are a few photos and video from the protests last winter.
Click on the photos ,and they will get bigger

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  1. We know that the Icelandic people are going through a very tough time. It is difficult for us to find very much news about what is really going on with your lives and your personal finances during this crisis. Thank you for your faithful reporting (and your great videos and gorgeous photos!).

    Bob (in Manassas, Virginia, USA)