Thursday, April 9, 2009

Protest Iceland april 8 2009

Three weeks until the general election in Iceland - and the parliement is still at work.
Now the goverment wants to make a Constitutional public committie to go over and change the Icelandic constitution.But some parties do not want that - that is - to let the public have power about the constituion.
So this party ( the Independence party ) is slowing parliement down ,by talking a lot about the constituinal changes ,and that they do not want to loose the parliement power over changes about the constituion.

And tonight - around 6 in the evening ,a small group came outside parliement - and made nosie - to let parliement know - that they should stop slowing parliement down.
Parliement was until three o´clock last night.
And while they are talking about this- other important matters are not discussed in Parliement.

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