Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is corruption going public in Iceland --- Strange things in the Icelandic parliament

The Icelandic parliament is an interesting place .
There members of parliament argue about everything, the fishing quota system,joining the EU and so on .
But when it comes to getting more in your pockets ,then they are all good friends .
Just before parliament took its summer vacation , on bill was passed,silently and everybody who was in parliament - agreed on it .

And in this bill , they agreed on letting the tax payers pay for their , eyeglasses,hearing aids,cancer search,physical excersise , and more .

What more means - nobody knows - it could be a dentist, it could be a free car and so on .

Eyeglasses and hearing aids in Iceland are not cheap - they are quite expensive.

So you can see , that the members of the Icelandic parliament know how to get more - and how to pay for it .
Of course you let the tax payer pay for it .
There is no respect for members of the Icelandic parliament

A few years ago ,the public in Iceland protested the corruption in the banking and political system.
And as you can see on my videos ,people where angry.
But now - looks like people have forgotten what happened in 2008 .

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