Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Iceland banks write off debts at ceo´s --- looks like 2007 has arrived in Iceland

Looks like that the good old days have arrived in Iceland.
Members of parliament making laws ,that give them free things,like eyeglasses ( not cheap in Iceland ) hearing aids ( quite expensive in Iceland ) and more.

And banks are now starting to write off big debts,at big companys.
Þorgeir Baldursson ,who was in the board of Landsbanki before the banking crash in 2008, got 5 billion kronas debt written off at Landsbanki and Arion Bank.

And one of the big newspapers in Iceland , mbl.is ,got written off 944 million kronas,at Islandsbank.
The one of two editors at mbl.is , is former Prime minister and CEO of the CEntral Bank before and during the banking crisis, is mr. David Oddson.

In the board at Islandsbank,is mr. Friðrik Sophusson, and he was a minister in the goverment when mr. David Oddson was prime minister.
So everything is doing well in Iceland , and the public is still paying.

And according to Transparancy International ---- there is not much corruption in Iceland , Interesting


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