Thursday, December 9, 2010

Icesave deal between Iceland - and the UK and Holland ,video

Iceland has gotten an deal between UK and Holland ,about the IceSave debt.
The first deal went before a national referendum here in Iceland march 6. and there the people of Iceland did not agree with that deal .
And now the  second deal is on the table, with only about 3 % interests rates, will the Iceland President refuse to sign it inot law, and by doing so , like he did in january, it we go before a another national referendum.
Iceland parliement must first agree on the deal ,and then the President must sign it to law.
If he refuses ,then it goes before the Ielandic people,to a national vote.
On the 31st of decemeber last year, people protested the IceSave deal.
You can see my video , when people lighted flares in front of Parleiemtn ,and then later in front of the President house.