Friday, December 3, 2010

Iceland goverment solution to familys debts

The Icelandic Goverment just had a press conference,about how to help people in Iceland who have bad debts,and are having problems paying of their loans.
About 72 thousand familys have real estate debts,and around 60 thousand of them will benefit from the Goverment financial help plans.
The goverment help plan, is also with pension funds,and financial institutions.
This plan will cost about 100 billion kronas. ( 1 usdollar = 115 IceKronas )
In the plan are new soltion,like reducing interests rates and that could redse payments per family at around 200 - 300 thousand kronas per year.

And to cheer you up , here below is a video i took this year when i went flying over the Volcano here in Iceland .
There you can see people near the volcano and having fun.

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