Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today ,saturday 13th ,there was a peaceful protest in front of the Icelandic parliement building.
There was silence for 17 minutes,and one minute for every year that the Independence party has been in power in Iceland.
In the end ,ladies burnt clothes,representing the corruption,how relatives and friends got the big jobs ,at the banks and so forth.
The govermnet has taken over the banks in Iceland,but the same guys that controlled the banks before the crisis,are still in controll of the banks.
Corruption here in Iceland ,between the political members of parliemnet and the buisness controllers ,is huge.
There is now an investigation about the crisis ,and who should be responsible,in the goverment and banking sector.
And who is controlling that investigation ? Well ,the goverment ,of course.

Time magazine ,has put Iceland on the top ten list ,of huge buisness mistakes.
On that list are also ,Freddie Mac ,Fannie Mae,Lehman Brothers ,AIG and more.
But Time also says - Iceland might be broke ,but the have geothermal heat,so Icelanders wont freeze to death.

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