Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Human rights violation in Iceland ? Protest june 22 2015

Today at 18:30 , ( june 22 )  there was a protest in front of Parliament in Reykjavik.
Those that can not hear ( deaf ) do not get any interpreter service more from the goverment .
So when they need to communicate with officials, baks, schools and so on , they can not communicate , beacuase they dont get the service of Interpreters.
Many look on this a human rights issue .
Freedom of speach , but if you cant talk , and you get no interpeters , then you have lost your freedom of Speach .
People on Motorcycles came to their support , and the guy who is talking , says , that the Goverment must fix this , or they will be back , on their bike , and make lots of noise , as you can hear on the video


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