Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yoko Ono turns on Imagine Peace Light tonight in Iceland - photos

Tonight at 20:00 hours , Yoko Ono held a short speach and then turned on Imagine Peace Light , that is on annually , between the birthdate of John Lennon , October 9. and is turned off at the date of his death.
 She invited everybody to come and see the Light being turned on .
 And today , Yoko Ono was awarded the honorary Citizen of Reykjavik , by the Mayor of Reykjavik,mr. Jon Gnarr.
 Only 5 persons have had this title in Reykjavik .
 The weather was great and lots of people showed up to the the light . The light is on an island in Reykjavik.


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  2. Hi there! Great pictures!!! I really love Iceland. That is the reason I made this video to ask people for a donation to greenpeace to keep such beautiful places as they are: