Sunday, March 17, 2013

Protest in Iceland march 16 2013 - video and photos

Today was still a protest meeting in downtown Reykjavik.
People are still protesting that the Goverment is not going to respect the National Referendum last year about accepting a new Constitution for Iceland .
 The new Constitution gives the public more power to put matters to a national referendum and more. Looks like that the political system in Iceland do not like to give power to the people of Iceland. Today after the meeting ,they walked to the parliament building and used pots and pans to make noise ,and demanded a new constitution

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  1. Well some folks here in Iceland want to change the old constitution with new one in order to join EU. Well yes they know how to use pretext as well in the name of the nation and etc. in order to put in the new article 111 so they can give our sovereignty to the EU.

    See : Anonymous UK Traitors in our Midsts1.­­player_embedded&v=uIfZC8HHuLI

    And yes now we ask ourselves as well are there traitors in our midst here in Iceland ?