Saturday, February 9, 2013

Iceland parliament does not listen to the people of Iceland

Today there is a planed protest meeting in fron of the Parliament building in Reykjavik,Iceland.
The new constitution that was was accepted in a national referendum and was to be in parliament this year .
Parliament would then discuss it and make the new constituion leagal for Iceland.
But now parliament has decided to take the constituion and not discuss it and not vote on it this year.
Even though a national referendum ,with a big majority ,had decided to accept a new constituion.
Looks like that members of parliament are quick to forget what happened here in 2008.

Many members of parliament ,mainly the members to the right in politics, do not like the new constotuion ,because it gives the public limited powers to control what the parliament is doing.
In the new constitution, the public can ,if the like or dont like some of the laws that the parliament are making, the public can demand a national referendum.
Birgitta Jónsdóttir , member of parliament and one of the leaders of the protests in 2008 , is not happy and says that the parliament is going to ignore the national referndum and not listen to the people of Iceland .
Why have a national referendum , when you wont follow the results ?

The national referendum november 29 - 2010 

The national referendum  october  18 - 2012 

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