Monday, January 21, 2013

40 years since the volcano, Westman Islands in Iceland -video

In 1963 the youngest island on planet Earth came to be.
It was a underwater volcano near the Westmann islands in Iceland ,and from that volcano Surtsey , the island was formed.
Ten years later on the 23rd of january in 1973 , a volcano erupted in the Westmann islands.
about 5000 people lived there and the they where evacuated overnight to the mainland of Iceland .
A celebration of the this event , will be on the 23rd of january 2013.
Here you can see videos from the time that Surtsey was born ,and also from the Westmann islands volcano in 1973.

First you can see the forming of Surtsey ,near Westmann islands.

And here you can see the volcano in the westman islands in 1973 - and you can see the lava take down and burn houses in the town 

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