Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Iceland - 2012 - the rotten fish deal - video

In Iceland ,Christmas is celebrated on the 24th. And at 18:00 hours on the 24th , Christmass starts , and after dinner, presents are opened. 

But the day before Christmas, There is a tradition, to eat ,what is called - Rotten Fish - or rotten/decayed stingray/skate which is a traditional Icelandic dish. And in many homes in Iceland , it is forbidden to cook it ,because of the huge rotten smell. So some go to other places to cook it , and here it is cooked and served in a automobile Garage company . The smell and odor of this fish is so overwhelming, that i think it affected the camera i was videotaping this on . 

Not everybody in Iceland likes this - and want to ban this tradition ,because of the smell and taste , but others say that the love it . 

So this is always an argument the day before Christmas here in Iceland . 

Happy Holidays

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