Saturday, December 3, 2011

CEO of Glitnir bank in Iceland in jail ,Lárus Welding

Three former CEO´s of Glitnir ,one of the banks that collapsed in 2008 ,are now in custody and being interogated by the Special Prosecutor .
About 30 individuals have also been interogated by the Specila Prosecutor office .
The investigation is because of alleged market manipulations by the CEO´s of Glitnir Bank.
Also to be interogated mr. Bjarni Ármannsson former CEO of Glitnir Bank.
Mr. Lárus Welding also former CEO of Glitnir Bank is now in custody .


  1. Finally, someone going to jail for all this financial malfeasance. Let's hope it spreads around the world, and the rest of these bandits get arrested and serve long sentences for the reckless systems they put into place and exploited for their personal benefit -- and then shifted all of the risk and economic turmoil that resulted onto the rest of us. They are disgusting and deserve to be prosecuted like any other common thief.

  2. Dori? Are you on vacation?

    Bob in Manassas, Virginia USA