Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thor - new coast guard ship in Iceland --- guests welcomed aboard

Last thursday ( october 27th ) the new Coast Guard Ship,Thor arrived in Iceland after a long sailing from Chile.
Thor was built in Chile .
This is a big ship and with every high tech,that is a available today.
And the Icelandic Coast Guard invited the owners ( the Icelandic public ) to visit and see the ship up close , on friday ,saturday and sunday .
Then it will sail around Iceland , to visit and let everybody else in Iceland see this beutiful ship.
It is very important for sailors who sail around Iceland to have a excellent coast guard ship,and also for the people of Iceland.
That is to help ships that are having trouble ,and also people ,transporting rescue services,and so on.

All the vessels in the Coast guard are named after the Nordic Gods, -Odinn ,Tyr ,Aegir and so on.
And this one is named Thor , the third Coast Guard ship in history ,having that name.
Thor,the God of thunder,son of Odinn.

So this is a very proud day for Icelanders .
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