Monday, November 29, 2010

Constitutional election in Iceland - new constitution for Iceland

Last saturday there was a Constitutionl election here in ICeland.
People voted on 25 individuals,who should be in a Constitutional assembly,and come with a new Constitution for Iceland.
530 where on the ballot,and everybody could be on the ballot.
But only 530 wanted to be on it.
About 35 % of the voters in Iceland voted last saturday.
Wich is a big dissapointment.
This is a unpresedented vote,that the pblic is given the oppurtunity to make a new Constitution,but Parliement will get what the Constittional assembly,and there it will be discussed,and if parliement likes it, then it will be put forward as Icelands Constitution.

The video is from janury 24th 2009 - when a choir sang a beutiful song about Iceland

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