Friday, October 1, 2010

Members of Icelands Parliement flee the angry public today - video

Today Icelands Parliement came together for the winter season,after a short summer vacation.
And people came to protest,because of the lack of help from the Goverment for the public.
Many are now loosing there houses and cars.
When members of parliement walked from the Parliement building and to the church,people threw bred,dairy products and car keys.
Police was in force to protect the members of parliement .
But whne they left the church to walk again to the parliement building,they had to go through the back door of the Parliement building.
People made a lot of noise ,and threw ,more dairy products and egss and car keys.
While the goverment and banks are writing off loans to CEO´s and companys,at he same time ,many are going bankcrupt,because of illeagal loans.

Today around 40.000 thousand peole have or are about to loose their homes,on auctions by the Banks  and goverment.

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