Monday, August 23, 2010

Iceland church in big trouble ?

According to the Icelandic media today, the church is in trouble.
A Priest has confessed to take part in hushing up alleged sexual misconduct by the former Bishop of Iceland.
The priest also says that the present Bishop,mr. Karl Sigurbjörnsson is incompitent to talk about the case,and wants an indepentent panel to investigate the matter.
14 years ago ,the Priest, Sigríður Guðmarsdóttir,got a letter as every priest in Iceland got, where a woman told about here encounter with the former Bishop,and later accused the Bishop.
Two other women also accused the Bishop for sexual misconduct.
The Present Bishop, then a Priest,mr. Karl Sigurbjörnsson,was part of an investigation team then,and people are now angry,because they claim that the present Bishop witheld information,,and tried to hush up the insident.
Daughter of the Former Bishop,who died in 2008,has gone public,and told about how he Sexually molested her.
Many are now signing out of Iceland National church.

Festival in Reykjavik

Last weekend there was a culture festival in Reykjavik.
Here  below you can see a video i took at the festival

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