Thursday, April 29, 2010

All politicans accepting bribes in Ieland ? protest video

One generation of Politicians in Iceland have been bribed,in one way or the other,and all political parties are party of thiefs.
This is the opinion of many Icelanders these days.
One proffesional actor , mr. Benedikt Erlingsson says today.
He is one of many hundred that demand that charges against protesters that where arrested last year, be dropped.
BUt the protesters had a constitutional right to go and visit parliement.
They did not use violence, but where ,becuase they where protesting,charged with attacking parliement.
The could face one year to life in prison.
But if ministers ,that could be charged for doing nothing during the crisis, and proven to have done wrong things for ICeland,the maximum prison sentence is 2 years.
Good to be in parliement and make the laws .

Here are a few protest videos i took last year.
More are on my

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