Saturday, May 1, 2010

Local elections in Iceland get a twist ---

In a few weeks there will be local city and county elections in ICeland.
And the fight for Reykjavik is on.
Usually the fight for Reykjavik has between right or left wing politics.
There is the same corruption problem in county politics as there is at the State level.
But now there is a twist to the Reykjavik elections.
There is now a party in the election called the Best Party.
And in it stand up comics,actors,and musicians.
The leader of Best Party ,is Jon Gnarr,a stand up comic and actor.
And he says that ,they are running for Reykjavik,to get good jobs.
That they are going to be corrupt, and get a good living in the Reykjavik city council.
Well,all the other parties say that they are going to do good things for the public,but when elected,they steal and are corrupt for four years.
But the Best Party ,is just honest ,and according to polls in Iceland, the Best party will get 4 seats of 15 in Reykjavik city council.

Jon Gnarr ,Best Party leader, says that he will talk to everybody,the old ,the disabled,women and even foreigners.

Traveling in Iceland

Now is a good time to visit Iceland.
The volcano is now a tourist attraction,and it is cheap to stay and enjoy Iceland .
Here is a link to a great guesthouse in the countryside,just a hour away from Reykjavik.
It is at Reykholt,a great history site in Iceland.    Guesthouse link

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