Saturday, April 10, 2010

Three big media ,controlled by ladies in Iceland

The three big media companys in Iceland , are now all owned by ladies.
Lilja Skaftadottir,a art dealer,purchased the newspaper DV.IS ,with Reynir Traustasson,the editor of DV.
Guðbjörg Matthíasdóttir,a fishing industry lady from the Westmann Islands,is a majority owner of the
Former Prime minister and Central Bank CEO, David Odsson ,is the editor of
Ingibjörg Pálmadóttir, has 90% in 365 media, wich is Frettabladid and channel two tv and radio station.
Ingibjörg is the wife of Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson, who is regurarly in the news these days.

Yesterday there there was a entertainment show on the state tv.
It had been going all winter, and it was a quis show,between towns and cities in Iceland.
And the final was yesterday.
And the winners got prizes,and the price was a flight with Iceland Express airline.
One of the winners was Vilhjálmur Bjarnarsson ,a teacher at a university ,and a private investor.
He refused to accept the prize,becuase it was from Iceland Express,wich is owned by Pálmi Haraldsson, who was prosecuted last week , for getting strange loans from Glitnir Bank.
Vilhjalmur confirmed that he did not accept the prize,and said, "I will not accept something that was stolen  "

photo: Vilhjálmur Bjarnarsson

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