Thursday, April 8, 2010

Black report in Iceland,and the public forgets very fast.

The Black report, the report on how and why the banking crisis occured and who ae the maine players in it, will be made public on april the 12th , that would be on next monday.
Now it is coming to light,that Banks CEO´s gave themselves big loans ,and with little or no sequrities.
And in emails, at the bank , money to CEO´s should be made to the Cayman ISlands ,could be seen.
The Reykjavík City Theatre, is goinf to read the report, wich will be published next monday.
It will be in 9 volumes,and the actors will read it,nonstop , a marathon read, day and night.

y say that many politicians are not very happy about the black report, because ,many politicians, still in parliement, are also to blame.
But since they control the system in Iceland, then they should not worry.
The public in Iceland , forgets fast who is to blame.
Icelands voters are very party loyal, and it does not matter what the elite in the parties do , they are forgiven ,and voted into parliement again.
One member of parliement today , was a few years ago in jail, for stealing and accepting bribes from a a big contract company.
But ,he was voted into parliement,after sitting in jail for a while.
So , the public might be angry for a week or so,after the black report is public.
And then we go and watch the volcano ,and forget the past.

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