Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Did the banks control the Icelandic goverment ?

The Black report that was delivered yesterday, has been nonstop on the local news in ICeland.
And it probably will be on the news for months to come.
Negative feelings to the Icelandic Banks and financial system,was so bad in the beginning of 2008,that Central Bank managers of the nordic banks, that they did not want to meet the Icelandic Central Bank managers at a meeting of the banks in Basel in Swiss.
That shocked the Icelandic Managers at the meeting.
The Nordic Bank managers didnt want to meet them or even be seen with the Icelandic Cental Bank managers.

It was so bad ,that one of the Nordic Central bank magers,tried not to say hi,or shake hands with the Icelandic Manager,until he he could not,when they where in an elevator together,and and the greetings was not more warm than ,that the Nordic Manager used his left hand ,to shake hands with the ICelandic Manager.

According to the Truth ( black ) report, bakers used dirty tricks to get customers.

Arni Mathiesen,finance minister of Iceland during the banking crisis, told the black report committie ,that all the bankers lied to the goverment,but Bjorgulfur Thor Bjorgulfsson ,lied the most.

10 members of Parliement had loans over 100 million kronas from 2005 until the banking crisis.
One was then justice minister Sólveig Pétursdóttir, and the loan she had was 3.6 billion kronas.

Another was then,minister of education ,Þorgerður Katrin Gunnarsdóttir .and her loan was 1.7 billion krona.

Also Ludvik Bergvinsson , and his loan was 755 million kronas.

The banks also gave money to the political parties.
Looks like the banks controlled the Goverment.

Here you can see part of the report in English.



top :Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir
Middle:  Sólveig Pétursdóttir
botootm: Ludvik Bergvinsson

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