Saturday, April 24, 2010

Volcano making trouble of Icelandic aviation.

Now the wind direction around the Volcano in ICeland,has closed the INternationla Airport in Keflavik,and also the airport in Reykjavik.
All international flights where moved to Akureyri, wich is in the north part of ICeland.
Coast Guard plane and helicotper where also moved to Akureyri.

But the forecast is now , that Akureyri will probably close also,and KEflavik at the same time, wich leaves one INternational airporp,and that would be Egilsstadir ,in the east part of ICeland.
No decisions have been made ,about if all aviation domestic and foreign ,will move to Egilsstadir.

Here is a photo of the volcano this morning, and you can see on a web cam here

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