Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video of Iceland volcano today ,great weather for it

Icelands volcano had a great time today.
Great weahter and northerly winds.  So the ash cloud whent south,over the Westmann islands.
Here is a video i took today. I was about 80 kilometers away from the volcano.
The volcano is still going strong.


  1. Hi - what's the health advice in Iceland? In the UK it's very vague. We've never had anything like this. Great blog - some amazing photos

  2. Hi Halldor!

    Many greet's from a neighboring country! Hope your volcano up there takes it a bit easier from now on... ;)
    It surely has turned all eyes on Iceland, which is good, as there are some issues worth discussing!

    Good work, keep us informed (you 've got e-mail as well!) :)