Monday, April 12, 2010

Black Report read in Iceland thether today and tomorrow .....

Today the Black Report was published.
It is a report asked by Icelands parliement,about the banking crisis 2008 , and who made the mistakes.
It is in 9 volumes ,and containes how and why the politicians and bankers made the banking crisis happen.
The report says , that a few of the ministers in 2008 , made bad deciciuns , and Parliement should discuss , about if they should be prosecuted.
That would be ,then Prime Miniater,buinsess minister ,foreign minister and Finance minister.

Reykjavik city theather staff and actors , got the book ,in 9 volumes , and are going to read it ,nonstop.
The public can visit any time,day or night,and it is free of charge.
They think that the reading could take 3- to 5 days and nights.
Actors thinsk that , the text could be a problem,- numbers with many zeros, and tricky official language.
You can see the report on the table on the stage.

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