Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poverty increasing in Iceland - photos

According to news today, the Icelandic church has had 2578 family requests for assistance.
In 2008 , there where 570 requests for assistance from January to march that year.
But this year , the same time, 2578 familys requested assistance from the Church.
Many children are in these familys.
On wednedays,when food is distrubited , about 1000 to 1500 individuals come and ask for food.
And behind every individual ,there is usually a family.
Poverty in ICeland is getting to be a big problem here in Iceland.
The goverment promised to help the public, and no help is being seen yet.
11.000 thousand children have parents that are unemployed .

But to travel to iceland is a good thing.
Everything is cheap,and here is a link to a guesthouse i Iceland , at a good location in the country side - Guesthouse

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