Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are bribes used in Iceland political parties ? videos

Now the great discussion here in ICeland,is money to party memebrs from big companys.
Before every parliement election,those running for office,get money to support their election.
This money is used to ,advertise,make pamplets and so ,to insure that people will vote for you.
But do the money givers get anything in return ,after you have been elected ?
Can this money be called " bribe " ?
Now lists are going public,about who and how much money the politicans got from big companys.
Former mayor got over 4 million kronas, and member of parliement has 25 million, and so on.
If you give someone money,dont you whant something in return ?
In other countries ,if a politician uses goverment money to pay for a taxi, he will resign.
If a foreing politician ,uses goverment money to buy chocolate, he will resign.
But in Iceland , if a politican makes a major mistake, well , buisness as ususal.
Corruption in Iceland  is in every political party.
More in some Politial parties ,but it is in every Political party.
But they will still be elected, because of how strong the party loyalty is in Iceland.
Does not matter what they do , you still elect them into parliement.

Here is a video of a protest in Iceland last year.

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