Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 former ministers in Iceland ,could be prosecuted.

Three former miniaters of the Icelandic govermnet in 2008, could be prosecuted for gross neglegence in their work as ministers.
Parliement committie, is discussing the truth report, may recomend to Prliement ,that the minsiters should be prosecuted.
The ministers are , Geir H. Haarde ,former prime minister, Áarni Mathieses , former finance minister,and Björgvin G. Sigurðsson, buinsess minister.
They have all denied ,of doing anything wrong,before the banking crisis in 2008.
Former prime minister,blames the banks themselves,for the banking crisis.

CEo´s of the Icelands Central Bank ,are also blamed for the crisis in 2008.

The Truth Report is online ,and is located here -- http://www.sic.althingi.is

Reykjavik city theatre is reading the report nonstop,and you can see the actors here ,reading the report online.


And here you can see them read yesterday ,when i went to see theam read the report.


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  1. Dear Dori,
    This link to the Black Report is broken.